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Grande fotógrafo

14 outubro 2010

Realmente vale a pena conhecer o trabalho desse cara!!! Parabéns grande Edu Viero.




Site para criar digramas de luz

14 outubro 2010

Oi pessoal! segue o linl conforme conversado em aula;

Aqui o lin para o trabalho cientifico;


Qualquer dúvida fala aí!

Roger Hicks and Frances Schultz

1 outubro 2010

E ai pessoal, demorei um pouco pra escrever! muitos trabalhos heheh!

Hoje vou deixar um link pra falar sobre esse casal que influenciou e influencia muito a foto still life. vale a pena conhece-los. Eles tem uma serie de livros com diagramas para fotografar. Eles são feras:

about us (and the site)

We’ll be honest: this is (or will be, we hope) a commercial site, i.e. we want to make money out of it. To this end, we’ve set up The Photo School, which is a mixture of free and paid-for information — a cross between a book, a magazine and an on-line tutorial course. You can subscribe to the site for $29 a year.

Otherwise, there are lots of pictures, and free modules, and more, so there’s plenty to look at even if you don’t want to subscribe.

Roger William Hicks is a Cornishman who took up photography in Bermuda in 1966 and trundled along as an amateur until about 1975 when, tiring of a hitherto respectable career (law degree, teaching, articles with a firm of chartered accountants) he started working more and more as a photographer in a London advertising studio — though admittedly interspersing it with producing self-instructional audio-visual material, writing technical advertising and other forms of journalism. His first book appeared in the early 1980s and he has been a full time freelance writer and photographer since Christmas 1981.

Photo by Marie Muscat-King

Frances Eugenia Schultz was born in Rochester, New York, home of the Great Yellow Father (both her father and her uncle worked for Kodak), but she moved to California in her ‘teens. Her first degree (at USC) was in theatre; she worked in retail for a while to pay off her student loans; and then she took a Master’s in theatre management.  After that she worked in a series of theatre-related jobs until she met Roger in early 1981 and came back to the UK with him in early 1982 to get married. Since about 1990 she has worked increasingly in the same field as Roger: most of our books appear under our joint names, and we both write for many magazines.

Photo by Roger Hicks

Because we get paid to do what most people have to pay to do — photography and travel — people assume that we’re rich. We aren’t. But we aren’t complaining. Well, not all the time, anyway. There’s an old proverb that we believe to be of Arab origin, which says, “Take what you want, and pay for it, saieth the Lord.” We have a lot of fun, mostly on a shoestring, and we precariously support our photo and travel habits by writing books and magazine articles. We’ve also thought about workshops, but the main difficulty is working out the logistics as well as what people actually want.

Acessem o site

Eles são feras!

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